My Repositories


You will find below the DEB files to add my software repository and my kernel repository for Deepin.

After downloading the corresponding DEB file, launch the terminal and do the following command to refresh the repository installed on your system with :

sudo apt update

Software repository

  • - AppImage Shortcut Creator
    - Battery Health
    - Brightness Manager
    - Eyes Protect
    - File Drop
    - Weather
    - Wall Changer
    - File manager admin extension
    - dde-pstate

Kernel Repo

  • - Latest Kernel image
    - Latest Kernel header
    - Intel microcode
    - amd64 microcode
    - firmware linux nonfree
    - gamemode
    - firmware linux
    - firmware amd graphics
    - linux firmware
    - firmware misc nonfree

To install the latest kernel, follow this instruction. After installing the kernel repository, please update the Apt cache :

Open Deepin Terminal ans run the following command :

sudo apt update

To install the new kernel, after adding my kernel repo, install this package :

sudo apt install lvtommy-linux-kernel