Linux kernel 5.7.6 for Deepin

You can install linux kernel 5.7.6 in your Deepin system now.

Updated files :

  • Linux kernel 5.7.6
  • Linux Header 5.7.6
  • Linux libc dev 5.7.6
  • Linux firmware 1.187.1
Kernel changelog (


You can find in my repository this kernel.

open a terminal and do this command :

sudo apt update

sudo apt apt install lvtommy-linux-kernel


I have test this kernel on Deepin v20 BETA with an Intel and AMD CPU.

If you want add my repository, go here :

Warning  : Install this new kernel if you know what you are doing. To return on the precedent kernel, On the boot menu, choose Advanced options for deepin. Select the kernel and boot. Then, you can delete the new kernel.


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